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Request Preparation & Implementation

Sunshine Solar Energy


Sunshine Solar is able to structure and submit a comprehensive request for CAPEX support from National and European Authorities.

Key Sunshine Solar ability is to customize each proposal on Tender guidelines and on project characteristics.

Sunshine Solar assures a solid CAPEX support proposal preparation in a limited timeframe followed by a continous relation with key decision makers to monitor project valuation

EU Tender preparation

Bureaucratic material collection Retrieve all documents necessary to present financing request:
  • Financial statements
  • Property acts
  • Juridical documents
  • Technical studies
  • Project members CVs
  • Quality certifications
  • Approval from local Engineering firm
Feasibility & Cost/Benefit analysis preparation
  • Create Feasibility study and Cost/Benefit analysis aligned with EU requirements
  • Integrate technical solution study in funds request
  • Prove project viability and positive impact on local environment
Feasibility & Cost/Benefit analysis preparation
  • Prepare a solid financing request by identifying costs to be considered eligible
  • Respect legislator requirements in order to assure funds correct flow during implementation
Support in implementation phase
  • Establish a partnership with a local consulting player to support initiative implementation
  • Define key milestones to be respected in order to upfront facilitate implementation phase

Key Advantages

  • "Time-to-market" and flexibility in request preparation
  • Local Partners identification to guarantee adequate competences
  • Constructive relation establishment with key decision makers

Sunshine Solar Energy
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