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Field Design & Characteristics

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Sunshine Solar is able to support in technical solution identification customized on client needs.

Key Sunshine Solar competence is to connect its Partners with reputed renewable technology players active in Eastern Europe markets.

Sunshine Solar assures technology solution definition by leveraging its relation with international EPC contractors.

Technical solution process example

Technology identification
  • Solar photovaltaic fixed system
  • High performance crystalline panels identified
  • 4 Inverters per MW
  • 4 Transformation cabins
  • 1 Delivery Cabin
  • Cables used in line with EU standards
Field Layout & Infrastructure
  • 11HE for 4MW field
  • 4 sub-fields (1MW each) to facilitate implementation and field safety
  • Delivery cabin positioned in North angle close to Grid
  • Triangle shape to optimize land use
Civil works definition
  • Land preparation for field implementation
  • Internal infrastructure valuation (i.e. foundation, …)
  • Internal roads valuation
Auxiliary services
  • Auxiliary post trafo integrated
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Safety measures aligned to EU standards

Project Steps

  • Technology identification after a comprehensive market screening
  • Field layout and infrastructure design
  • Civil works needs definition
  • Auxiliary services integration in project preparation

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