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Rumanian approach to incentive renewables is a mix of on-going incentives and upfront CAPEX support through Public Tenders.

On-going incentives are based on a “green certificates” model. Green certificates are traded in a regulated market at a defined price range; number of certificates is differentiated by technology and they are provided for each MW produced from renewable sources.

Solar is the most incentivized technology: each MW produced assures 6 green certificates from National Authorities, allowing obtaining an interesting on-going remuneration from projects implementation.

Upfront CAPEX support is an additional opportunity for players interested in investing in renewable energy market. In fact, EU allocated more than 3B€ to Romania as structural funds for Country development in 2007-13 timeframe; 25% of them are dedicated to renewable energy market development. Moreover, National and Local Authorities are publishing a pipeline of tenders which aim to develop further renewable energy initiatives in Romania.

Romania incentive scheme

  Green Certificates model Non-refundable CAPEX support from Public tenders
  • Guarantee an adequate revenue stream during investment run for a pre-defined time period
  • Support entry of new energy operator by co-financing initial CAPEX investment
Solution adopted
  • Green certificates introduction valued in a guaranteed range (27-55€ per certificate)
  • Fixed compulsory quota from renewables
  • Participation at initial investment with a predefined contribution to eligible expenses (50-70% of CAPEX)
  • 15 years guaranteed
  • Upfront contribution provided on project implementation milestones
  • ~0,35 €/kW produced
  • 50% - 70% of total CAPEX investment
Approach Grafico Incentive Scheme Grafico CApex Support

Romania Incentive Approach

  • Government target for renewable energy usage
  • Utilities obligation to purchase excess power placed on grid by solar users
  • Green certificates market establishment with exchange in pre-defined price range
  • Non-refundable CAPEX contribution to sustainable projects on renewables

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