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Renewable energy market in Romania is expected to experience a consistent growth in the coming years thanks to new sources development. EU energy strategy will drive market growth since it is targeting to reach a 38% total energy production from renewable sources by 2020.

Initiatives on renewables in Romania should be targeted differently depending on area specificities since the Country has a relevant potential in all the main technologies. Photovoltaic projects are particularly interesting in South-East area where irradiation can reach a level of 1650 kWh/m2.

Renewable energy potential

Renewable potential in Romania
Renewable Potential
Source: Romania Ministry of Economy
Renewable focus
  1. Danubio area – Solar
  2. Dobrogea – Wind and Solar
  3. Moldova – Micro Hydro, Wind, Biomass
  4. Carpati – Micro Hydro, Biomass
  5. Transilvania – Micro Hydro
  6. West Campia – Geothermal
  7. Subcarpati – Solar, Biomass, Micro Hydro
  8. South Campia – Biomass, Solar, Geothermal

Romania solar potential

Romania Global Solar Irradiation Map – PV GIS
Renewable Potential CO GER Management Team
Source: EU Commission, PV GIS
Key outcomes
  • Best locations in terms of solar irradiation are in South-East area

  • Peaks in Dobrogea region with 1650 kWh/m2 global irradiation

  • Bucarest area (more than 1500 kWh/m2) is also one of the most promising also thanks to a better developed electricity infrastructure

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